Measuring and Calculating Caravan Weight with a Household Scale

How to Measure and Calculate Caravan Weight: Measuring and calculating the weight of a caravan is the first safety concern. Caravan enthusiasts must know the weight before hitting the road. I’ll share a great method using a household scale to measure and calculate the weight of a caravan without entering a vehicle, truck, or transport scale:

Measuring and Calculating Caravan Weight with a Household Scale

Let’s break down the process step by step:

  1. Preparation:
    • Prepare a board measuring 1 meter in length, 20 cm in width, and 3 cm in thickness.
    • Mount a support leg at each end of the board, close to the edges. The distance between these supports can be 80 or 90 cm, which we’ll refer to as “a.”
  2. Measurement:
    • Use a jack to lift one wheel of the caravan. Place the board with the support leg under the wheel.
    • Lower the wheel onto the board near the first support leg.
    • Place the second support leg on the scale. Ensure the board is level; if needed, add another board to adjust the height of the first support leg.
    • Read the weight on the scale and denote it as “p.”
    • Measure the distance between the midpoint of the wheel contact point and the first support leg as “b.”
    • Place the scale under the pilot wheel near the hitch arrow of the caravan and denote this weight as “C.”
  3. Weight Measurement and Calculation:
    • To find the weight of the measured side of the caravan, use the following formula: (p x a) / b
    • In this formula, “p” represents the weight on the scale, “a” represents the distance between the supports, and “b” represents the distance between the wheel and the first support leg.
    • The result obtained gives the weight on one side.
  4. Finding the Total Weight of the Caravan:
    • Multiply the obtained figure by 2 and add the head weight on the pilot wheel, denoted as “C.”
    • This way, the total weight of the caravan is determined.
Measuring and Calculating Caravan Weight with a Household Scale

For example:

  • Given values are: a=90 cm, p=76 kg, b=18 cm, and C=45 kg.
  • According to the formula: (76×90) / 18 = 380 kg
  • Caravan weight: (380×2)+45 = 805 kg.

For a more precise result, you can measure each wheel separately.

If there’s a difference in weight between the two wheels, this method can also determine it. By measuring each wheel separately, you can see the difference.

If you encounter any problems with the method of measuring and calculating caravan weight, feel free to ask in the comments. Safe travels!

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